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Starving Artist: Dollar Dinner

Lifestyle, Mar 20, 2022
organic vodka sauce pasta salad

Homemade meals are cheaper than fast food. These simple meals will not only save you money, they'll save you time and you'll be healthier for it. Not only does it feel good to eat well for less, being able to take care of yourself grants you autonomy like nothing else.

The first simple meal I'm sharing is my Vodka sauce (sans Vodka) and Fettucine with a side salad. I'm also breaking it down by cost so you know how much your spending, and it's not very much!

14.5 oz Tomato Sauce $1
2 TBSP Heavy Cream $0.31 ($2.50 per carton)
2 Garlic Cloves est. $0.10 (est. $1 per clove)
1 TBSP Fresh Basil est. $0.50 ($2.50 for plant)

3-4 servings: $0.47 for small serving, $0.64 for big serving

1 Serving Fettuccine $0.19 ($1.50 for package)
1 Serving Salad Mix $0.83 ($2.50 per package)
1 TBSP Salad Dressing $0.20 ($5.00 per bottle)

1. Boil the water for your pasta. Bring about 4 -quarts of water to boil. The cook time depends on the type of pasta, so follow the instructions on the package. Fettuccine is a thicker noodle and takes about thirteen minutes to cook al dente.
2. Peel and mince garlic, cook in a sauce pan on medium heat.
3. Add your can of tomato sauce.
4. Rinse and mince basil and add to the sauce.
5. I always wait till the pasta is finished before adding the cream. Add about 2 TBSP of heavy cream. DO NOT substitute milk because it curdles.
6. That's it! The most time consuming part of this recipe is boiling the pasta. You can then add your side salad and you have a great balanced meal :)

($0.83 pasta +$1.03 salad)
If you really want to save, don't buy bagged salad. You can buy hearts of romaine for less and the prep takes only a minute: rinse and cut.

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