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Film Noir

Art Movements, April 9, 2022
edvard munch the scream Like its shadowy sets, these storylines are shrouded in mystery.

Blade Runner, Star Wars & Tezuka: How Metropolis Inspired a Generation

Film, Mar 26, 2022
metropolis With its elaborate sets and futuristic vision, Metropolis transformed the realm of cinematic design.

German Expressionism: Cat People

Film, Mar 31, 2022
cat people The tendency of German expressionism to include highly warped reality is one of its distinguishing features and showcased in this feline film.

From the Director of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari: Hands of Orlac

Film, April 1, 2022
cat people Orlac is caught with blood on his hands, but if he is not in control, does that make him a murderer?

The Manchurian Candidate: The Cost of Fear is Privacy

Film, April 3, 2022
cat people Fear is more powerful than any other force of evil because it destroys from within.

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