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New Art: Art Nouveau

Art Movements, April 17, 2022
sumi e Spontaneous curves and Fine craftsmanship define this groundbreaking movement

Rococo & the Aesthetics of Pleasure

Art Movements, April 14, 2022
sumi e Get a better understanding of this whimsical and fun French style.

Sumi-E: Traditional Japanese Ink Paintings

Art Movements, April 13, 2022
sumi e Get a better understanding of traditional Japanese watercolor paintings.

Film Noir

Art Movements, April 9, 2022
edvard munch the scream Like its shadowy sets, these storylines are shrouded in mystery.

German Expressionism: World War I, Hitchcock & The Scream

Art Movements, Mar 27, 2022
edvard munch the scream The realistic representation of objective reality was rejected by German Expressionist artists.

Victorian Architecture: Design Characteristics & World Building Potential

Art Movements, Mar 21, 2022
victorian architecture Worldbuilding potential is immense for this ornate style.

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