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HONKAI IMPACT 3RD: Thunders of Torment

Comics, Mar 20, 2022
Thunders of Torment

Digital painting by Studio Synkai

An introduction to the world and characters of our upcoming production:

Honkai Impact 3rd is an action RPG developed by Chinese developer MiHoyo. The game is a spiritual sequel to their previous title, Gunz Girls Z, and it once again features the character of Kiana Kaslana (who was both the protagonist and player character of MiHoyo's first game from 2012, Fly me 2 the Moon) as the main character. The game was originally launched on October 14th 2016 in Asia and soon after it received a global release. At the time of its release, Honkai Impact 3rd was widely praised due to its technical innovation and playability, being described as one of the first instances where a mobile game had the same amount of fluidity and complexity of a console action game.

The title’s premise centers on the struggle between humanity and the Honkai, an incredibly versatile and seemingly-unstoppable natural disaster phenomenon that has manifested in different forms across history. In the past, the Honkai attacked as plague, others as meteors and currently as a horde of beasts. In the present, humans fight the war against the Honkai through different organizations that work towards the aim of finally vanquishing this constant threat. The first of these groups is Schicksal, the prestigious and resourceful entity commanded by Overseer Otto Apocalypse. Schicksal is the home and training ground for the Valkyries, a group of female warriors who are naturally immune to Honkai Energy corruption and are able to disintegrate it in combat. These girls undergo extreme training and are later classified in ranks depending on how they perform in combat and how much power they harness. The higher ranks, S-Rank to B-Rank, are extremely uncommon to find among the trainees, so each Valkyrie carries a vast responsibility in her shoulders.

Among the youngest new Valkyries, we find our three protagonists: Kiana Kaslana, Raiden Mei and Bronya Zaychik. After an incident in the Japanese city of Nagazora in the year 2014, the three girls were accepted into Schicksal's prestigious St. Freya Academy after showing their incredible fighting prowess and skillful abilities during the crisis. At the High, under the authority of legendary veteran Valkyrie Theresa Apocalypse, they begin their training and live (mostly) ordinary lives. The trio eventually develop an unbreakable bond, as they play games and help each other with their studies. With Major Murata Himeko as their leader, the three girls become the newest squadron of Schicksal Valkyries to help mankind face the threat of the Honkai.

honkai in hyperfront

Digital painting by @notanoryokusha (Twitter)

Studio Synkai's adaptation of the Honkai Impact 3rd storyline comes from a place of pure love towards this tale and admiration for its many characters. The goal of the series, unlike anything else the Studio has produced thus far, is to create a timeless adaptation of the game’s complex story that is as faithful to the source material as possible and cohesive and accessible for people who have never even heard of this game. We think that this is a story worth preserving through time and our focus will steadily remain on that. As opposed to other works like King of Knights, that serves as a reinterpretation of Artoria Pendragon’s life before becoming a Servant while also keeping itself from contradicting the portrayal of the character in the Fate series, Honkai Impact 3rd will be a beat by beat adaptation of the game. No deviations, no headcanon, no big changes. If there is any original content whatsoever, it serves only the purpose of filling-in the blanks left by the gameplay sections or to explain an event only described through manga or in-game dialogues. There will not be any sort of modifications to the world or the characters created by MiHoyo.

The series will be released monthly in our Hyperfront magazine. There will be a main series in manga format that adapts the game's main story and as supplementary material we will release Light Novel adaptations of side stories and other supplementary material such as the Chronicles, Sakura Samsara and more. These will not be monthly releases and will be released within a few months in between each Novel.

Thunders of Torment is available to read in February's issue of Hyperfront

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